Florence, Jan. 22nd 2015

On Nov. 22nd 2014 the RFK Center received an email with several issues in it (links shown below).
However, it’s good to know that during meeting about ‘Democracy & Human Rights in Decline – A call to action’ ( ), happened on Nov. 24th 2014 at the European University in Florence (organized by Club of Madrid in cooperation with the RFK Center), someone underlined that we are entering a Fourth Revolution of the State (1.Nation State, 2.Liberal State, 3.Welfare State, 4.Efficient State) based on the competition between “authoritarianism and democracy”, and focused the attention on “Corruption of Media and Corruption of Wealth in Political Campaigns” (, 1:03:50). The word “inclusiveness” was also pronounced (1:03:06).
Someone else pointed out how the Government, the Market ( within the market the “corporations”), and the Society “should work together in a harmonious and cooperative way” (51:20): what a coincidence, right at the entrance of RFK Center in Florence there is a tag, probably of the Renaissance period, where the logos of Bosch (not the Netherlandish painter), Enel ( ), and Cisco ( ) are engraved.
Talking about “Corruption of media” few weeks ago on Dec. 5th, during the book launch just cranked out by Davide Vecchi of the ‘Il Fatto Quotidiano’ ( ) which pretends to be the n-th “true” story about the Italian Unelected Premier, Professor Tomaso Montanari complained about the fact that years ago he received an end of collaboration registered letter from the ‘Corriere Fiorentino’, because “not in line” with the parochial rules concerning the Black&Deckering of the walls of the ‘Salone dei Cinquecento’ in Palazzo Vecchio -seat of municipal government- in order to uncover Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Battaglia di Anghiari’, the latter theoretically hidden beneath the Giorgio Vasari’s fresco.

To expect the Florentine edition of the ‘Corriere della Sera’ to be put on a shortlist for a Pulitzer Prize it would be like “…sitting on the dock of the bay wasting time” ( ), but since Leonardo didn’t show up yet (must be on vacation), instead of nailing the walls of Palazzo Vecchio isn’t about time that someone will ask ‘National Geographic’, which contributed through ‘Once Events’ to the honky-tonk ‘discovery’, WHY they financed it? And most of all, WHEN are they going to nail this expensive lie?
Are anybody else’s ears burning? ( )
Unless someone will rescue Leonardo at the Lost&Found office, of course. By the way, in the meantime, wouldn’t it be an excellent idea start making another multi-million dollar Spielberg’s movie such as ‘Raiders of the Lost Leonardo’?
“Some of these days” ( ) Angela Merkel will be visiting Palazzo Vecchio in Florence for the Italian-German summit. With a sly smile she will probably wonder: “Matteo, wo ist Leonardo?”.
Professor Montanari on Dec. 5th, referring to the Ferrari Dinner which took place in Ponte Vecchio on July 2013 -a pop-up event promoted to raise funds to be donated to handicapped childrens- about the “missing” money he claimed that “In the U.S, with such a lie, anyone would be ousted right the way”.
Are we sure about that?
If so, how come last summer at the Council on Foreign Relations ( ) nobody had the guts to ask Italian Unelected Premier the following question: “Weren’t You the one who annoyed the whole world saying that I’ll go to Palazzo Chigi” -official residence of the Prime Minister- “only through regular elections?”. No jacket is required at the CFR anymore?
Talking about “corporations”, there’s no doubt about that Cisco, instead of an NGO, is a Non Charity Organization ( ). The American corporation is also mentioned on page 150 of Glenn Greenwald’s ‘No place to hide’: “Among other devices, the agency intercepts and tampers with routers and servers manufactured by Cisco to direct large amounts of Internet traffic back to the NSA’s repositories. (There is no evidence in the documents that Cisco is aware of, or condoned, these interceptions.)”.
And what about ENEL -Italian National Power Company- the other sponsor of the Florentine RFK Center? Here we go: one member of the Board of Directors, newly nominated, as well as President of ‘’ ( ), is also a member of the ‘Open Foundation’ ( ), the latter ‘opened’ couple years ago aimed at raising funds to skyrocket the new-born Italian Bliar (oops!).
Is this Government nomination at ENEL a happy or unhappy coincidence?
On one hand this could be one of Hillary’s ‘Hard Choices’. On the other hand, this could be one of Zephyr Teachout’s easy choices, since her new book ‘Corruption in America’ is all about ‘Quid Pro Quo’.
Whether or not, in the name of Transparency, is it too much to ask to open, once and for all, the list of the Italian and American (if any) secret admirers of this self-declared ‘Open Foundation’?
Maybe it’s still too soon to coin the Unelected Italian Government as the ‘Save Our Silvio’ one, given that the fiscal decree that they just tried to enact would have decriminalized anyone who committed a fiscal fraud below 3%.
But it also good to remind that, according to an estimate made by ‘Libero’ ( ), with such decree ENEL could have been eligible for an approx. 216,000,000 euros tax ‘discount’.
Instead of ‘The ThreePennyOpera’, are we perhaps having a rehearsal of ‘The ThreePerCent Opera’?
Is the RFK Center conscious of this or, as Pope Francis warned, all of a sudden it has been struck by “spiritual Alzheimer’s”?
One of the highest representative of the Euro Socialism -the one who back in 2003 was supposed to be engaged by Silvio as a Kapo fiction star- should be very pleased to find out that with the ‘S.O.S’ fiscal decree, some banks, especially those that messed around with derivatives, could benefit from this sneaky Christmas gift. Not to mention what speculative instruments caused back in 2007 ( some hints: ).
Let’s have a party then. Bring Your Own Beer? Oh no, just Bring Your Own Bank!
Besides, the term “sneaky” it is not used by chance: Senator Mucchetti of the Italian Democratic Party on Jan. 7th denounced a “democratic governance problem”, while in opposition to that a member of the ‘Open Foundation’ -and at the same time as Minister of the impeachment-free self-considering Government (therefore not liable for wilful misconduct)- minimized the whole thing as top secret. Perhaps in the name of secret Transparency?
And the party seems to go on and on, since what it was foreseen and forwarded to President Obama on Feb. 22nd 2014 simply occurred ( ): as a matter of fact according to an interview made by the Italian TV program ‘Report’ ( ), Italian Parliament deputy Francesco Boccia admitted that the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy deliberately put pressure on the Italian Ruler to avoid Web Tax. As promised by the ex Boy Scout, wasn’t the Web Tax supposed to be on the agenda during the European semester of Italian presidency? Lapse of memory or “justice by deal”? (Guido Rossi, ‘Il Sole 24 Ore’, Jan 11th 2015).
Small world: the book ‘FREEDOM FIGHTERS – the Kennedys and the struggle for civil rights’, is also “under the patronage of AMCHAM ITALY”.
“The Guardian and the Washington Post have been awarded the highest accolade in US journalism, winning the Pulitzer prize for public service for their groundbreaking articles on the National Security Agency’s surveillance activities based on the leaks of Edward Snowden” ( ): wasn’t the Obama Administration the main gatekeeper trying to influence the Pulitzer Prize Commission of the Columbia University, and causing ‘The Washington Post’ (with Laura Poitras) and ‘The Guardian’ (with Glenn Greenwald) to fumble the Prize?
If somebody now fumbles for words, it means that we are “in good hands”: with Allstate that’s implied ( ).
Whatever the answer is to the above mentioned question, does the RFK Center consider Snowden a Freedom Fighter, a Human Rights Defender, or someone who betrayed his country?
Moreover, as a consequence of Kerry Kennedy’s unasked endorsement of the Italian Unelected Government -and before she sinks into oblivion- is the RFK Center in favour or against the yet to come, but on the verge of being passed, Defamation Act which includes the “right to oblivion”? ( ). R.S.V.P.
“When Louis XVI presented Benjamin Franklin with a snuff box encrusted with diamonds and inset with the King’s portrait, the gift troubled Americans” (‘Corruption in America’, Zephyr Teachout).
What’s happening U.S.? Cannot make a distinction anymore between “notitia criminis” and generosity?

Seems ages ago when we were all singing in unison “We are the world/We are the children/We are the ones who make a brighter day/So let’s start giving.” ( ).
But now, instead of a dream, a scream comes out.
Because talking about Human Rights, is there any Human Left?
Giovanni Amaducci

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